Proven Health benefits of Cycling that everyone must know about !!!

Source : Bikesradar

Many people nowadays have no time for workout because of their busy life style but being physically fit is very important. If you don’t have time to go to gym, you should own a bicycle. No matter how old you’re cycling is very low intensity workout with lots of health benefits. Number of Bicycles users are growing day by day and that figure reaches to approximately one billion bicycle users because of following health benefits.

If you want to keep your heart healthy start cycling today because cycling strengthens your heart muscles, and keeps fat level low in heart so you don’t have to worry about any clog.

Healthy body has a direct impact on your overall mood, that says if you use bicycle everyday your mood remains positive and good everyday.

Cycling also improves your overall bone health. It keeps your bone in good condition by maintaining your bone mass.

Cycling builds your leg muscles and keeps your leg in good shape.

Good Posture has a big impact on your personality, cycling improves your posture and keeps your back and shoulders in good condition.

Cycling keeps your lung clean and overall study says that cyclist are less exposed to pollution compare to car drivers.

If you’re going to some place short distance cycling really saves time, you don’t have to go from that busy traffic lane, you can just move quickly on bicycle lane.

Cycling improves your sleep and good sleep improves your overall health it is not a rocket science.

Inshort the cycling is very low impact exercise and its very fun way to stay fit. So if you don’t own a bicycle get a bicycle today. There are several types you can carry on your train down to your work to simple road bikes and electric bikes.

Cycling has a great impact on environment and health.

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Take A look at Must have Cool Tools for Gardening !!

If you’re a geek and you own a garden than we have a great idea to make your garden much more interesting for you. with all these gadgets you can make your life little easy and also you can prove it to friends that geeks are not always infront of the screen. Here we have few very cool gadgets that might be interesting for you for your garden.


Plant Link 

Do you want your plants to tell you when they are thirsty !!! Install this awesome buddies and tell them the type of plants. Plant link will constantly monitor your soil and let you know when your soil needs water. You just have to configure it with your phone and enter the plants type, Job Done !!!

Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

Animal Repellent

If you’re tried with animal problem in your garden, Scarecrow will keep animals away from your garden by scaring them to prevent damage to your garden. This gadget works using motion and heat sensor, when it detects animal it scars them using loud sound of if they are too near it will burst a water on it to make them run away from plants.

Fertilizer Calculator App

When you have little or no gardening experience, you don’t need to go to neighbor’s gardner so often for advice. This app will guide to on how much fertilizer you need and what kind of fertilizer your specific plant. If you work according to guidelines given by this app your plants will get enough nutrition and grow bigger stronger over the time.

Automatic Lawn Mower

Automatic lawn mower also known as robotic lawn mower, its a simply a robot that cuts the grass for you but in a smart way, It maintains your grass by cutting a little at time while maintaining it’s length. There are so many automatic lawn mowers available in the market with wide range of features, we suggest you to read the guide for picking up the best automatic lawn mower for yourself.

Frost Alarm

If you’re living in the area where you face extreme cold temperature every winter than it’s a wise move to install frost alarm to your farm, this device will notify you when temperature is about the drop below that may damage your plants so you get the time to cover up.

Garden Watch Cam

This is a time lapse camera which captures images once you set the interval, you can set interval from one minute to twenty four hours.